Friday, 13 July 2012

You are invited.
picture obtained by Lee
I had a hard time until I got this invitation. Unlike others, I submitted my application late and I had to wait for an acceptance letter. It felt like coming and going to hell each day, those waiting times. But I have got the same invitation you have.

I know the way to become a PR practitioner is as hard and as long as waiting for the invitation. The job looks nice and sophisticated but now I know it is not that simple nor. Once I am vigilant about self-development and social issues, it simply means to be calm. We just have an invitation from school, not the real world (it does not mean school is not the real world)

In short, I think Hell's Gate is already open and now we are walking through it. But if you pass this hellish way, who are you going to be? I'll leave this who for your future.

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