Friday, 13 July 2012

If I could change something,

Some people would change political issues and others would have a preference for changing their wife or husband. This topic has something to do with happenings from the past and it could become your regrettable thing in the moment. But I am not interested in politics and do not have a spouse. So if I could change something, I really want to change the atmosphere of my old high school.

Every school has their rules and principles for students. My school also had similar rules but its rules were very strict on me; such as intermittent hair, compulsory night self-study, and specified colour of shoes. Even teachers used their own plastic or steel sticks to control students. Can you imagine what I am saying, you as a South African. Actually, I agree with using a little stick for punishment in education; but I have not still understood why they did not think the punishment would result in pupils reenacting their punishments onto their peers - and then commit side effects onto societies. Maybe teachers just saw and learnt from their school in the past.

I still consider corporal punishment ok for school, but certainly not for students.
Once again if I could change something, I would not apply at my old high school!

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