Friday, 30 March 2012

How do you step from the top of a 100 foot pole?
Maybe I spent long time to reach the top of a 100 foot pole or it would be short time, and it could may be very challenged or happy period. I maybe think I finally reach the top of the world. It could be right. However, the most important is “From now”. If I think it is the end of the world, it is completely wrong because it is very dangerous to be off my guard.

By just 15 years ago, Japan's companies were leading Electronics Market in the world such as Sony, Panasonic or Sanyo, because their products were unbeatable in the market. They were enough to be rich companies with even in domestic demands, and they maybe were satisfied with that. However, in 2007, shocking news was reported to them: Sony hardly seems to catch up Samsung from now (actually I read a Korean article in 2007, but if you want to know the true, CLICK Eng.ver)

I never imagined that Mike Tyson, the symbol of nuclear fist, returns his champion belt until he bit the ear of Holyfield. He thought he is on the top of the world but was off his guard. That is my concern about myself to the topic.

Just finished "exit quarter" (1/4)
We will have a sweet break time for seven days from today. We are just done a quarter in a school process. As you know, basketball consists in four quarters. It is same as ours. In this post, I want to shortly talk to you what I felt about my course so far: even your course.

When I started Public Relations, I felt like go back to the begging of army service. You know? The true? Any army services in the world never give you any rank at the start of the service. You just start from a trainee who does not have the lowest one. I thought I can do this course very well, but I realised that it is totally different from what I used to do for the last three years after just one week. So sometimes I used to desperate with a bunch of assignments and burdens which discuss about certain titles during classes. I deeply thought again what I did, I am doing and I will do in the future. I finally reached some results that I am still a trainee in that I am a student who does not belong to any business organisations, and it is just finished a quarter in a game in 2012.

I think Public relations course is quietly awesome one in my life in terms of getting me to understand the international, business, social media and real P.R affairs I depict one big picture six months later today and reload myself again like going back to a trainee.
But trainees or real players sometimes take a break for the next steps!

Friday, 23 March 2012

I am selling my daughter for 100 won
                                                                            100 won is equal to 65 cents (ZAR) 


I am still hesitating whether I post this topic or not because this topic is non-fiction and true story. Actually, I was not interested on North Korea. For me, it was just my enemy and another country but Now, I seriously hate North Korea communism and the Kim family..
When I read the poem, I poured tears under my eyes. I could see the motherhood that had to sell her daughter to save her daughter. After selling her daughter, she came back to her daughter again, with that money put bread on daughter’s mouth and apologised her daughter.
She did not intend to save money in her family but she could not see her daughter starving and dying at home. Who can completely understand the motherhood’s hope which had to find ways to save her daughter?
I hope you see the original poem once you read this post.

We are what we do.
Aristotle (384-322 B.B.), a Greek philosopher and a scientist, said “We are what we repeatedly do” which means what we repeatedly do will be the appearance of ourselves in the future.
A person who apologises everyday will be living with apology and, a person who complains against the world is going to live against everything forever. Therefore we should continuously ask ourselves to what we want to be, find what we need, and live faithfully for our goals every day.

Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) also said “The future depends on what we do in the present”. This proverb is sometimes applied by politic purposes, but the quote is the truth of life, because the future is surely an abbreviation of behaviour what we are doing.
I think humans are making their own appearance by themselves. The appearance of the future will be come from the present, so if we do our best, the future will be what we want to be.
Now I want to ask you something. What is your plan after reading this post?

Friday, 16 March 2012

People who turned their back

If someone turns back on you, what do think or feel seeing their back? I think there are only two ways of thinking or feeling, and we can only select one of these.
First, you have a chance to console and hug someone from the back, which means the joy for the opportunity that you can embrace and share something. That just comes from a positive way.
Second, watching someone turning their back on you, you just feel sad or lonely. Which means someone is going far from you and never comes back again. That is a negative way. I would recommend “be cool”
Living in the world, we just have two ways at any moment which should be chosen by you and we only get one choice.

How do you feel about that? It is up to you. Positive? or Nagative? 
We are afraid of the wrong things.

Before I discuss about the topic, I would like to ask you “Do you know the difference between wrong and different things. The meaning of word “wrong” from a dictionary means that it is deviating from truth or fact like “You cannot play the basketball because you are short” that sounds very ridiculous. No one knows you are good at that or not. The meaning of word “different” is defined by “not alike in character or quality” like there are different questions or answers which always include plural and imply varieties.

Cape Town has Multi-Culture in terms of its languages, races and people. I have met lot of people for four years. There were straight and homosexual people among them. Actually I had prejudices about homosexuals, but I realised that they are not wrong but just different while being familiar with them. They just got different preference to not like wrong one. I was full of prejudices against them and all I did was just judging before I met them. That is wrong thing. Prejudices always bear wrong judgements.
As I am one of the straight people, I am concerned about their saying “We are afraid of the wrong things”.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Crossroads between desperate and normal

There is a story about a master and disciple in Talmud. The disciple asked, “how do I get the wisdom you have got?”. The master brought him a pond and plunged his face into the pond. The disciple had not realised the wisdom comes from desperation until he could breathe again. During the 911 terrors in the United State, many people jumped out of the building. Between an easy and painful death, they chose the easy way. How much did they want to live in that chaotic situation before they jumped outside?
The desperation that the disciple wanted, and because the people in the building were eager to live before jumping out, means there is no option or choice.
If there is a mission, it never considers impossibilities.

Fish falling from the sky.

By default, I want to ask you, “Have you ever seen fish falling from the sky?”. Because I have not even seen that strange phenomenon; but it does not matter whether you answer yes or no, because we are already living in the quaint world where many fish are falling from the sky.

By just 20 years ago, we, normal people, did not think, expect or imagine the hand-held computers like a smart phone. It was just our hope or imagination that we watched on TV.
Fish falling from the sky is not bizarre phenomenon. We created social and ecological environment for the fish with creation of the internet. Now are you still just watching the fish from sky? I would say you could see fire-breathing fish like dragons later in the future.

Friday, 2 March 2012

What is the colour of the wind?

We think all visible things are only tangible.
Can we see wind? Surely, we can recognise wind anywhere. Sometimes, it was soft or mild in a warm day, but it was very stormy when raining in our memories. Colours of the wind could be dependent on what you did and felt at the time. If you felt active, delight, joy or hope, the colour is close to a bright one. On the other hand, if we felt like screaming, anger or despair, it is close to a dark colour. The wind blows to us through memories called colours.
Wind is the flow of air that we live without.
What is the colour of wind in your current life? It could probably be close to smoky and dark, or clear and bright, because many colours get mingled. However, the thing that I want to tell you is, we cannot deny that “wind and colour” (namely “scenery”) is our life.

If  I were a boss?

If I were a boss, firstly, I will approach employees as a friend. There are two groups in organisations. The first one is fighting each other between a boss and employees and the second is working together as a boss on the staff's side and staff on the boss's side. Which group will survive longer? The latter will definitely survive longer. Power and struggle just make the vitality of business shorter and it does not help at all.

Secondly, I will communicate with employees a lot. Organisations have possibilities to perish at any time. It could be done by my decision or mistake of employees. Communications give a sense of confidence. Surely, aggressive conversation is too bad to obtain trust. I should get trust from employees so we can trust each other through continuous dialog. The more I know at a personal level the greater we build up our trust.  That is my phase of boss.