Friday, 2 March 2012

If  I were a boss?

If I were a boss, firstly, I will approach employees as a friend. There are two groups in organisations. The first one is fighting each other between a boss and employees and the second is working together as a boss on the staff's side and staff on the boss's side. Which group will survive longer? The latter will definitely survive longer. Power and struggle just make the vitality of business shorter and it does not help at all.

Secondly, I will communicate with employees a lot. Organisations have possibilities to perish at any time. It could be done by my decision or mistake of employees. Communications give a sense of confidence. Surely, aggressive conversation is too bad to obtain trust. I should get trust from employees so we can trust each other through continuous dialog. The more I know at a personal level the greater we build up our trust.  That is my phase of boss.

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