Friday, 30 March 2012

Just finished "exit quarter" (1/4)
We will have a sweet break time for seven days from today. We are just done a quarter in a school process. As you know, basketball consists in four quarters. It is same as ours. In this post, I want to shortly talk to you what I felt about my course so far: even your course.

When I started Public Relations, I felt like go back to the begging of army service. You know? The true? Any army services in the world never give you any rank at the start of the service. You just start from a trainee who does not have the lowest one. I thought I can do this course very well, but I realised that it is totally different from what I used to do for the last three years after just one week. So sometimes I used to desperate with a bunch of assignments and burdens which discuss about certain titles during classes. I deeply thought again what I did, I am doing and I will do in the future. I finally reached some results that I am still a trainee in that I am a student who does not belong to any business organisations, and it is just finished a quarter in a game in 2012.

I think Public relations course is quietly awesome one in my life in terms of getting me to understand the international, business, social media and real P.R affairs I depict one big picture six months later today and reload myself again like going back to a trainee.
But trainees or real players sometimes take a break for the next steps!

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