Friday, 24 August 2012

You cannot chase two rabbits at the same time.

I think some people agree to that statement, stop chasing two objectives at the same time, and focus on one. It is not a bad idea. It could be a rational one. It is up to you, whatever you plan or need to accomplish.

I want to be neutral on this topic and one of the topics on my blog (You will be there, as you said). Both are not wrong, but how do you see people who do chase two goals at the same time? From their point of view, it just seems to be a difficulty or challenge what they have to sort out.

It all your will. You do not need to show people what you feel.  just want to say to you ‘just keep your pace and think about it; whatever you think, it will happen as you say.

Myself what I want to be

Sometimes, I look at myself when I meet people or am alone at home and reflect about last thirty years. I want to be a person with

People always happy around me
What I feel, jealousy or pride?
Be encouraged and self determined
Feel my heart with forgiveness, sympathy and love
Respecting the power of love

Maybe it could be a mere young adult’s hope. Nevertheless, I still want to be….

Friday, 17 August 2012

A carrot and stick

I am still thinking about a nice way to discuss about it because we all are different from a way of thinking, lifestyle, and environmental factors. I just guess that most of you consider it as only children are needed to grow up or childish adults also are needed to be social. But why don’t we endow opportunity and bareness on this topic for ourselves.

While living in the world, we sometimes need to be praised or patient. Have you heard about “Praising can even make a whale dance”? I consider it as giving an opportunity to myself to encourage better life. As for stick, I think it is a good device to look back upon the past failures. So we can contemplate what we have to do, and wait for good a chance.

So, just give opportunities to yourself and bear what you want. One day, it will be a chance for you and the chance will bring something bright what you so badly want.

Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, when you only have one idea” (Alain).

I think it is dependent upon how to understand and translate it. Some of people interpret it as we need various and different ideas, on the other hand, the others translate that doing nothing is dangerous. However in this article, I would like to talk whatever you think or imagine about this statement either way, you are right.

When we do something like a project, we usually make plans and create strategy for it. We call it ‘Plan A’. While doing ‘Plan A’, we generally focus on it. But what if it end up with failure? Have you thought of it before you start it? So we need ‘Plan B’. If you got problems or crisis with ‘Plan A’, and have ‘Plan B’, your problems of crisis will be ended up prob____ or cris__.

And, as you know, nothing happens and changes, if you are stagnated or have an idea. Just move, create various ideas, and develop them

Friday, 10 August 2012

A block which you cannot overpass

Currently, we are enjoying the olympic games. Some people exclaim and some watch TV with praying minds for their nationality’s medals. Stars who overcome and defeat themselves sometimes come out and get us surprised.

In an updated Korean abbreviation, there is an “Insurmountable wall of four dimensions”;  which means whatever you do or have, you cannot rise above, nor win aginst those walls. Sometimes we easily give up and await another chance, but a star is not readily, accidently, or instantly born.  They are only made of  hard work. And to keep being the top like “bling bling”, they are willing to perspire today.

If you want to be a star in the world, you should not follow the stars but know and recognise what hard work is. and then you can see youself conquer everything, to the top.

Have you figured out the second head fake?

This topic also is chellenging to me. What is head fake and the second head fake? It means indirect learning. Actually, I have not read “THE LAST LECTURE” by Randy Pausch’, but I heard that he created and used that word for his children’s life and dream before they go to peaceful heaven.

I am still thinking, “What did he really want to say to people?”, at the same time I am thinking of him being faced with death. What does the head fake mean to him in front of death? It could be precious messages for our lives. So what is the socond fake for us? Maybe I think some people can say, “my second head fake is blurblurblur”. But to be honest,  my answer about this question is “NOT YET”! Because I am still developing my first head fake, I guess I can talk about the second one after I am done with what I am doing now.

 To anwer “YES” to that topic, I think I need to do my best at what I am doing, make it mine, and prepare the next steps. 

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Everything is connected!

Sometimes I think about where I am. Is this really what I so wanted since a long time ago? Is it that I expected and planned last year? Maybe this topic would be strange or stupid for some people.

But what I see in this topic is that everything is connected to each other and it bears some concrete results - not ambiguous ones. We call it retribution.

So, everything that you are doing and where you are will return to you. If you cannot see that, just look at yourself. It is not a joke; it's real.

I am...?

I am from South Korea, and thirty one years old, but I am still keeping my childhood ambitions - which can now be described as great passion. I am proud of myself in that I am one of the South Koreans who are staying a foreign country. I am thinking the same as my home country's destiny.

Korea does not have natural resources such as oil, gold, or diamonds. The only things they truly have is passion and diligence within life. A long time ago, the country was one of the poor countries which only received help from others. No one ever expected the current situation. Now everybody calls it the miracle of the River Han. The current features of the country are explained by diligence, patience, and dynamics.

I am hoping that we have a meeting 10 years later because I am being changed.