Friday, 17 August 2012

A carrot and stick

I am still thinking about a nice way to discuss about it because we all are different from a way of thinking, lifestyle, and environmental factors. I just guess that most of you consider it as only children are needed to grow up or childish adults also are needed to be social. But why don’t we endow opportunity and bareness on this topic for ourselves.

While living in the world, we sometimes need to be praised or patient. Have you heard about “Praising can even make a whale dance”? I consider it as giving an opportunity to myself to encourage better life. As for stick, I think it is a good device to look back upon the past failures. So we can contemplate what we have to do, and wait for good a chance.

So, just give opportunities to yourself and bear what you want. One day, it will be a chance for you and the chance will bring something bright what you so badly want.

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