Friday, 10 August 2012

Have you figured out the second head fake?

This topic also is chellenging to me. What is head fake and the second head fake? It means indirect learning. Actually, I have not read “THE LAST LECTURE” by Randy Pausch’, but I heard that he created and used that word for his children’s life and dream before they go to peaceful heaven.

I am still thinking, “What did he really want to say to people?”, at the same time I am thinking of him being faced with death. What does the head fake mean to him in front of death? It could be precious messages for our lives. So what is the socond fake for us? Maybe I think some people can say, “my second head fake is blurblurblur”. But to be honest,  my answer about this question is “NOT YET”! Because I am still developing my first head fake, I guess I can talk about the second one after I am done with what I am doing now.

 To anwer “YES” to that topic, I think I need to do my best at what I am doing, make it mine, and prepare the next steps. 

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