Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Andy Warhol said, “In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes.” You can’t choose the 15 minutes but why would you be world famous?

What he said fits into our current world exactly. We can inform people of our opinions or suggestions through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or personal blogs. But, in this post, I would like to discuss how he foresees the future.

Just before the advent of the internet, we were happy if some of our acquaintances or friends appeared on TV. But nowadays it is not like that - we are not happy about such an occurance in the same way. We just upload our stuff onto the web. Once one of our uploaded things attracts a great deal of attention among people, you can be famous through whatever you choose to display; just like Warhol said in the past. Maybe he was only one of the famous painters. But he was interested in movies, business, and relationships among people. I think the variety in his point of views made him say something profound like that.

Like someone else once said, “Stretch your ideas and thoughts”, if we put our efforts into researching that which we are interested in, I think we can predict the future and prepare something for it..

Time never waits for you.

I like to listen to music, especially old pop songs such as the Beatles’ classy songs, Queens’ rock numbers, or The Rolling Stones’ active rockn’roll. While listening to them, I enjoy both the melodies and the lyrics. But one song catches my mind. That is “Yesterday”.

That song is very famous to people, and has beautiful melodies and emotional lyrics. And I think everybody loves that song. But what I see in the song is that it is just about the obsessions of the past. The contents of that song are saying that the days spent with a loved one are so beautiful that I cannot lose sight of those days with 'you'. Even though there is no word of “IF” in past history, what if the songwriter changes the lyrics into a future-oriented tune? Then I would love that song much more.

In short, time never waits for us. So I do what I have to do now in order to prevent me from regretting and lamenting my springtime of golden life in the future.

Friday, 20 July 2012

God knows

Before I begin with this topic, I notice that it is not related to any specific religions.

Did you expect to be where you are now, or do what you do now, 10 years ago? Maybe some of us had plans and are maintaining these plans. But life is not fair - as you well know by now. Only God knows; which means no one knows.

I sometimes think of my past 4 years living in Cape Town. There were happy and funny occasions; and quite frustrated ones. Most of things that I remember at the moment are (alas) the latter - because living in a foreign country is not easy. Whenever I had problems, such as school work or private things, I deeply contemplated going back to my home country; also, people I knew and spoke to recommended that too. But, as I was bearing the difficult times, I realised, “No one knows”. No one expected me to be where I am now; studying what I'm studying..

In conclusion, life is a long run. No one knows or can predict where you are, what you do, and how you will be changed in the future, so, only God knows that.

A skill set called leadership

As most of us know, leadership is about leading people. There are lots of qualities found in good leadership; such as ambition, patience, or humbleness. Anything that you choose could be your skill set, but your skill set is only as good as you can say for yourself.

As I state above, there are many skills required for leadership. But I would like talk about how to collect and keep them. For example: in a pencil case, there is a pen, eraser, blue and red pens. Each of these items is used in different ways. No one carries a pencil case for just one pen. Leadership is a set of tools.

 And, in short, I think if you collect them now, you should be like a pencil bag with a strong zip. Then you will be able to hold onto a perfect leadership set.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Media destroys our relationship?

The question of how much media influences our relationship is known as an old one. It has been the topic of conversation in many ways; like school work, family, or communities. Media has brought lots of conveniences and novelties to us. It is a fact that we not only have benefits from it but also enjoy it.

However, I think we sometimes overlook the side effects of it. We just use it as our benefit. If you have a smartphone, I would like to recommend you “watch yourself during supper with your family”; or ask yourself, “how many times do you talk to your lovely phone without speaking?”

Maybe this topic would not be a good question or perhaps my arguments are not applicable to everybody. But I just want to ask you to switch to vibrate during supper with people or while you are in class. Then you can keep at least a piece of your relationship with your lovely family.


I cannot say what success is because I have not had such a big one (like winning the lotto). But I can say it is almost impossible to succeed without hard work. Those who are successful, like millionaires, are always diligent and determined.

I so badly want to express my experiences but, as I stated above, I have not got any that meet up to what I imagine true success to be. However, money or physical stuff is not everything for success to exist. Let me ask you something true. Where are you now? What do you do? How is  your plan going? I think most of you may answer like I do with my family: I've been studying at CPUT for 4 years; studying for my life. 
Now, 4 years means you have been successfully survived for 4 years, and that you've got people who can support you in your goal. We just ignore that truth and do not have grateful minds for them.
Maybe that you were even born itself is success. Don’t you think so?

Pains in the ass

I woke up in the morning, boiled water for coffee, sat in my chair, turned on my laptop and hopped onto the internet as usual. I read an article about Steven Jobs. Actually, the article is for the management and business community. What the article most attacked was one of the sub topics; Pains in the ass.

In fact, in the sub topic, it just explains Steve Jobs’s careers; and to be honest, I am not interested in his features and the article. I only focused on that topic. How long people can sit in a chair per a day? Is it possible to keep sitting in a chair 10 or 15 hours only focus on work? And can it be achieved by sitting in a chair? Some people preach about effectiveness and others preach patience as a means to achieve a goal.
Which one do you prefer or belong to?

If I have a specific mission and belief to achieve a goal, I am definitely willing to do so too. But the problem is that I have not tried to do so today. Tomorrow…..should I do that?

Money ball

While watching a movie; Money ball, I felt some philosophy that I insist on in my own life. That movie is not about playing baseball, it's about management. Maybe most of South Africans do not know about baseball, but I can say it is similar to cricket. I hope you enjoy the movie!

At the begging of the movie, the actor says, “the problem is, there are rich teams and there are poor teams. We cannot defeat the rich team because of money. It means if we have money to keep and buy good players, we are a winning team. If we don’t have it, we are losing team". Unfortunately, that is true. However, the actor shows how to be a winning team without money. I could also feel something that is too eager for achievement in that movie. It is like creating something from nothing.

What I feel about that movie is “Not all who wander are lost” That is true even though there are still rich teams and poor teams.

If I could change something,

Some people would change political issues and others would have a preference for changing their wife or husband. This topic has something to do with happenings from the past and it could become your regrettable thing in the moment. But I am not interested in politics and do not have a spouse. So if I could change something, I really want to change the atmosphere of my old high school.

Every school has their rules and principles for students. My school also had similar rules but its rules were very strict on me; such as intermittent hair, compulsory night self-study, and specified colour of shoes. Even teachers used their own plastic or steel sticks to control students. Can you imagine what I am saying, you as a South African. Actually, I agree with using a little stick for punishment in education; but I have not still understood why they did not think the punishment would result in pupils reenacting their punishments onto their peers - and then commit side effects onto societies. Maybe teachers just saw and learnt from their school in the past.

I still consider corporal punishment ok for school, but certainly not for students.
Once again if I could change something, I would not apply at my old high school!

I gotta be a bad boy.

Basically, this topic is very famous and popular to everybody. It could be the target of aspirations for women and could be a “Wanna be” for men. But the bad boy that I am thinking is not related to loving, being loved, or falling in love at all. Am I lying? Maybe I am lying.

It is dependent upon personal choices. I have already made a decision to be a real man. The reason I had to decide  is very simple. The first is a desire for success and a successful life, keeping my family and including my girl. Most of successful business men furnish all the conditions about bad boyism as strict self-management, punctuality, relationships etc. And they are dreaming for better life without ceasing.

In short, I think only bad boys can develop themselves and keep their family and loved one. As for a better life, I just hide my natural nature, the good boy who is just kind to others.

A slight difference

We are afraid of failure and desperately want success. However, we sometimes experience failure as everything that we want to achieve ends up with no success. However, I think success and failure can be separate to a slight difference.

I deeply thought about how I accept a meaning of a slight difference between success and failure. It could be that I do my best in order to never regret anything. But one of the Japanese writers; Inamori Kazo said the difference between a successful and unsuccessful person is a thickness of paper. And the difference is opportunity and patience.

So, we should know who a real loser is to prevent being failed. A person who is supposed to fail is just an excuse to stop putting in effort when that person gets into a sticky situation. I just realise it as time goes by.

Good guy and Bad guy – comparison. 
It is up to you to determine the true.

Looks handsome
Wealth and property
Huge rich; he can buy the latest or advanced technology
Very poor; some of them are orphans and have diseases
Response of audiences
Wow, people always want to see his black tight suit.
Boo, people just consider them as a piece of shit.
Just buy new one, show people the new one, and cause the gap between rich and poor.
Usually use recycles and invent novelty and powerful stuffs though the inventions looks strange
Social position
Does not have specific job but rich man
Socially disadvantaged
Just has good personality and social justice who never push him doing like that
Constantly keep struggling to catch up with No.1
Status of health
Muscle boy
Physical and mental trauma
My point of view
The evils made of materialism
Even though they get rejected by societies and communities, they never give up with patience

Creations Myth – big change 
(a story of Samsung)

When I was in primary school in 1993, a teacher read an article for us. The article was about Samsung. Nowadays Samsung is like a huge dinosaur, but at that time, Korea's status was as a developing country. As I remember, there were not extremes between poor and rich like a herbivore dinosaurs park.

In that article, one of the shocking lines was a slogan “Change everything without your wife and children!”, written by the CEO of Samsung. Actually, in 1992 that company already had the hugest profits ever seen in Korea. Nevertheless, I think he felt something hungry and a crisis for the future. It has been over 20 years. 

During 20 years, that company tried to adapt to the fast-paced world. The result is what we can see now.
There are so many creation myths in industries. I just choose one of them for this topic. I respect the CEO’s decision and it deserves to be benchmarked as an education - even though I don't use their products any more.

Out of the cradle

How long have you been out of the cradle? I think most of you answer that you are between 22 and 40 years.  It could be true that if you say any digits, they will be your ages. But I would like to talk about some frame and picture that you drew in the past for the future.

The meaning of a cradle is that it was your first peaceful shelter and protection frame. And you did not need to worry about anything while staying there. Just one day, you realised that no one protects you from what you never wanted, so then you created your own membrane named 'dream' to survive in the world. So far that is what you are. I sometime close my eyes, recall my dream, and think how long I have been away from my cradle.

I think the cradle is not proportional to our ages. Today, I deeply think of my cradle and want to say, “Thank you so much that I can see the sunshine today too".

Study hard

When I was young, I did not understand why old people always told me to “study, study, and study”. They looked like observers who bothered me. But now I can see the reason in their sermon because I have already been one of them.

Most of children start learning in schools. It is a 12 year course. While learning, some of them choose to be an athlete such as a cricketer, rugby player, hockey player. Some of them choose to be a musician like a pianist or violinist. But all of them do not become what they want. Old people know that it is because of competitive odds. So that is why they insist on studying.

In conclusion: no one remembers No.2! People just remember No.1. However, studying is different from that. High marks and scores prove your objective index. Let’s study hard!

My thoughts about PR practitioners

It is still difficult for me to study Public Relations Management because I studied Multi-media for 3 years and now I cannot stop reading PR books. While studying PR, what I learnt so far is communication activity through relationships with corporates, organisations, and governments. I thought that I embodied some of the necessary abilities and qualifications to become PR practitioner.

First, one needs the  ability to communicate. As I stated above, PR is communication activity. It demands appealling to people while communicating with people.  It also requires problem-solving skills which can be analysed, assessed and measured. Then, the most important one, English!

Second, knowledge of the whole social networks and subsequent needs. It can be sorted out by reading books and newspapers; but it is not easy to mix them because of  advertising, I just need to read current trends, but PR practitioners need to communicate with various people, which means that I demand to read more books.

Third, it is about passion. It could be a monotonous word. But if someone sees me, I should look like a passionate boy. Because of my PR, which appeals to clients, I get a chance.
In short, there are still many abilities which I should equip for my own PR. I think it is organised by three of them so far; and I feel the need to focus on my SNS. Thanks.

iphone and convergence

Many people think of Apple as a computer, iphone or ipod. In the last three years, I did not have any idea about Steve Jobs's true impact while I was studying multimedia. All I knew about him was just that he made iphone and ipod, but he was not such a technician.

If you decompose iphone, you can see all parts do not belong to Apple. The phone has Samsung’ RAM and battery and LG’ screen. It's got only a CPU (A5) as a core part; which means Apple never makes all these parts at all. I think it looks like an assembly phone. But the most remarkable thing is not the benefit of the phone, or that it's the most commonly sold in the world; it is its convergence. I think application and convergence will be substantiated in the world. Most of the things you see are results of convergence; the origin of twitter and Facebook is email.

In short, I think whatever you do, and whatever you will see in the future will be a type of convergence. It is not that hard and complicated to do. Just do it.

You are invited.
picture obtained by Lee
I had a hard time until I got this invitation. Unlike others, I submitted my application late and I had to wait for an acceptance letter. It felt like coming and going to hell each day, those waiting times. But I have got the same invitation you have.

I know the way to become a PR practitioner is as hard and as long as waiting for the invitation. The job looks nice and sophisticated but now I know it is not that simple nor. Once I am vigilant about self-development and social issues, it simply means to be calm. We just have an invitation from school, not the real world (it does not mean school is not the real world)

In short, I think Hell's Gate is already open and now we are walking through it. But if you pass this hellish way, who are you going to be? I'll leave this who for your future.

Do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength?

When it comes to crying, I think it has something to do with not only weakness and strength, but also men and women. When I saw people crying, it did not look happy or strong but I could feel most of them were stronger  than ever before.

I usually saw women crying. Sometimes it looks like a weapon for love, but I know most of their tears have something strong. They look like roly-polies thich never frustrate. For men, I do not usually show my tears to others in person because I believe men are not supposed to cry.

In short, crying is not a sign of weakness or strength. I would like to redefine crying as reloading - to be able to do so again. But do not abuse crying! There is a side-effect; if you smile while you are crying, there will be hair in your ass – Korean saying.

List top 10 what I am missing during vacation.
Wake up at 06:00
Have breakfast
Review and preparation for next term
Have lunch
Speak English loudly
Search job for next year
Have supper
Read 10 news articles in a day
Practice playing guitar
Go to bed before 12:00
-      I want to live a normal life please.

What is your greatest skill?

Everybody has their own greatest skill. Some of us got physical skill such as being a natural marathon runner, boxer, or being a musician. And others got corporate skill or major self-drive. But I do not think I have such a remarkable visible skill; I have survival skill like a chameleon ; I fit in anywhere.

As you know, most of Korean men must go the army for two years and two months. One of the things that I remember while doing my service was digging out ground and sleeping in -21 degrees for two weeks. Even though I could only sleep for 2 hours a day, it did something good for me because know I know and believe I can be strong through any army's service. Not only the army service was hard for me. My volunteering in Zimbabwe for a year was tough too. I think I had a steel mind through volunteer life - living without electricity and water, and no radio travel.

In conclusion if someone asks me do that again, I'll respectfully say “No thanks”, because I already did it and I consider those times to have made me strong enough already.

Rock journalism is people who can’t write interviewing people who can’t talk for people who can’t read” (Frank Zappa) – Comment

I think it would be a big headline for several days through twitter or other types of SNS if he still lives in the world. I am just wondering why he said it like that. Did he want to blame media? Or express freedom of rock music?

To simplify this topic, does he mean journalists cannot write, interviewees cannot talk, and subscribers cannot read? It sounds neither eloquent nor poetic to me; at all. I think the statement is blasphemy against media and the public. Journalists have a right to know and a duty to let people know. There are still many talented rock musicians to interview. It does not have to be him.

In my understanding of this statement, it does not make sense at all. It is not for rock music, it's for the fans.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Change of a thought

It has been over one month since I spent and enjoyed my last winter vacation. I took a break, met people, and we drank together. I knew I had work to do, but I did not want miss a thing or even a moment with my people. Because the thought that "this vacation is the last time in my life in Cape Town" hurried through my mind.

But all of a sudden, something came up from my mind: why do I think it is the last one? And, have I ever contemplated staying here for work? Then I realised that I had limited my way and cheated myself into believing that it is the end….like one should not do.

That is the moment I changed what I wanted into being something possible. Now I think I've really got work for myself. I will show you the result, but first, wish me luck!

List your top 200 achievements.

This topic is really difficult. I could not help putting my CV which cover my couple of achivements.

#33, Roberts
Cape Town
Phone:  +27 79 399 4049 (mobile)

Date of Birth:23 of May 1981
Maritial Status:Single
Nationality:  Republic of South Korea
Languages:  Fluent in Korean and English
Driver’s License: International Driver License
Health: Excellent

2000   : Dae-Jin Design High School, South Korea


2003     :        Korea Special Martial Art (Level 1)
2003:        Korea Martial Art (Tae Kwon Do) Black Belt (Level 1)
1999     :        Electronic Calculator Certificate (Level 2)

IYF (International Youth Fellowship), Harare, Zimbabwe
January 2007 - January 2008
Position:  Volunteer worker
Daily activities and responsibilities:
Teaching Tae Kwon Do to Zimbabwean students between 8 and 16 years old

Global Logics Suwon, South Korea
July 2006 – December 2006
Position:  Trader
(Total 6 months)

Daily activities and responsibilities:
Have a meeting with Samsung Electronic workers to set inventory cycle and control, as requested by Vietnam and China electronic part factory.
Analyze stocktaking, Order necessary parts for the Korean factory
Forward emergency parts by air plane

Korea Army Service, South Korea
January 2002 - March 2004
Position:  army
(Total 26 months)

Train Marksmanship, Biological and radiological warfare, bayonet drill, and survival.
 Prepare for war in case of emergency

Computer Literacy
Adobe Photo Shop
Adobe Flash
Adobe Premiere pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Dreamweaver
Final Cut
CMS (Joomla, Wordpress)
Creativity, good visual insight
Hard working and goal driven
Great attention to detail
Versatile, with quick grasp of people
Efficient working habits, ability to priorities
Work well independently, and as a team
Capable of maintaining good professional relationships with co-workers and superiors

Sports, hobbies and interests include
Surfing, hiking
Music, books, movies, photography
Psychology, Advertising

In conclusion, although I am not kind of knocker at the moment, I will struggle for my top 200 achievements.
Thank you for reading my CV
If you have a goal, you do not have freedom

I want to go out and smoke, meet people, chat and drink together. I just want to do this tonight. But I still have to something which I have put off for 4 years. If I go out tonight to enjoy the rest of my time in Cape Town's life, I will lose my one day (a.k.a. opportunity) to go ahead for tomorrow.

Since I came to Cape Town, I have postponed something. That is to make my English books a mop; which means reading twice, three times, and a fourth time - until the books are torn out. Maybe I think it could be one of my good memories. I hope so….

Anyway, from tonight, I do not have freedom to go out. Or do I? I would rather trust myself at the moment.

What motivates me?

All the single days, times, moments, and things. That is my short answer. I think time is the most important for me; it stirs and pushes me to go ahead. Other things that motivate me are my family, friends, some dreams, visions, and other stuff..

I can feel people who I know always hope for my achievement. And they just watch and support me. The last time, when I was stagnated, I remember that they could only comfort my mind and soul (though religious things are helpful). Now I so badly want to return that same heart to them. So to do this, I know I need to achieve my goal and show them the result.

So, the first thing I have to do is manage my time. Time is fairly given to us and what I can do is to give my best shot every time.
If I have wings

Sometimes I imagine that I have wings on my back and on my career.. As I stated in my profile, I have come from Korea and studied Multi-media. The wings that I think of are to take me to and from Korea, and to equip my career..
It may be an awesome idea to have wings on everyone. Isn’t it? You can go anywhere you want; such as Latin America, Eastern Asia, or European countries. Currently, it is up to you (if you have money) to buy air tickets (which would obviously be replaced by physical wings).

But the wings on our careers are different from the wings we'd have on our backs. Those wings will not only take us anywhere we want, but also, any dream wouild come true. I do not want to explain anymore because you guys already know what I'm on about.. Am I right or what?
So I'll ask:
What are you doing now for your wings? Do you have a plan? Can you do that? Go ahead! Right now…….and if I had real physical wings, right now, I'd fly straight to Korea to shut my 'friend's mouth..

Write a list: the 10 most unexpected consequences of being online.

1. An old friend who I hardly remember sent me an email.
2. The friend already knows what I do, who I love, etc.
3. At the same time I am searching the friend’ profile.
4. Shortly after we start tweeting each other.
5. But we recognise that we cannot meet - because I am pretty far from Korea.
6. One day, this friend phoned me with Skype, and said “I will go to Cape Town next week”.
7. I sent him an email with tips on how to get a cheap flight ticket, along with various information of what there is        to enjoy while in South Africa.
8. I even booked him a bungy jump in the Garden Route; it's all on online.
9. I prepared several activities for him for one week. After one week, I tweeted  “where are you now? you are still at the airport?”
10. He just said “I am at home now”.
      The conclusion?  "Sorry, I want to stay with Korea…김허세 꺼져버려! <=". That is not slang.