Friday, 13 July 2012

Pains in the ass

I woke up in the morning, boiled water for coffee, sat in my chair, turned on my laptop and hopped onto the internet as usual. I read an article about Steven Jobs. Actually, the article is for the management and business community. What the article most attacked was one of the sub topics; Pains in the ass.

In fact, in the sub topic, it just explains Steve Jobs’s careers; and to be honest, I am not interested in his features and the article. I only focused on that topic. How long people can sit in a chair per a day? Is it possible to keep sitting in a chair 10 or 15 hours only focus on work? And can it be achieved by sitting in a chair? Some people preach about effectiveness and others preach patience as a means to achieve a goal.
Which one do you prefer or belong to?

If I have a specific mission and belief to achieve a goal, I am definitely willing to do so too. But the problem is that I have not tried to do so today. Tomorrow…..should I do that?

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