Friday, 13 July 2012

iphone and convergence

Many people think of Apple as a computer, iphone or ipod. In the last three years, I did not have any idea about Steve Jobs's true impact while I was studying multimedia. All I knew about him was just that he made iphone and ipod, but he was not such a technician.

If you decompose iphone, you can see all parts do not belong to Apple. The phone has Samsung’ RAM and battery and LG’ screen. It's got only a CPU (A5) as a core part; which means Apple never makes all these parts at all. I think it looks like an assembly phone. But the most remarkable thing is not the benefit of the phone, or that it's the most commonly sold in the world; it is its convergence. I think application and convergence will be substantiated in the world. Most of the things you see are results of convergence; the origin of twitter and Facebook is email.

In short, I think whatever you do, and whatever you will see in the future will be a type of convergence. It is not that hard and complicated to do. Just do it.

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