Friday, 13 July 2012


I cannot say what success is because I have not had such a big one (like winning the lotto). But I can say it is almost impossible to succeed without hard work. Those who are successful, like millionaires, are always diligent and determined.

I so badly want to express my experiences but, as I stated above, I have not got any that meet up to what I imagine true success to be. However, money or physical stuff is not everything for success to exist. Let me ask you something true. Where are you now? What do you do? How is  your plan going? I think most of you may answer like I do with my family: I've been studying at CPUT for 4 years; studying for my life. 
Now, 4 years means you have been successfully survived for 4 years, and that you've got people who can support you in your goal. We just ignore that truth and do not have grateful minds for them.
Maybe that you were even born itself is success. Don’t you think so?

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