Friday, 13 July 2012

I gotta be a bad boy.

Basically, this topic is very famous and popular to everybody. It could be the target of aspirations for women and could be a “Wanna be” for men. But the bad boy that I am thinking is not related to loving, being loved, or falling in love at all. Am I lying? Maybe I am lying.

It is dependent upon personal choices. I have already made a decision to be a real man. The reason I had to decide  is very simple. The first is a desire for success and a successful life, keeping my family and including my girl. Most of successful business men furnish all the conditions about bad boyism as strict self-management, punctuality, relationships etc. And they are dreaming for better life without ceasing.

In short, I think only bad boys can develop themselves and keep their family and loved one. As for a better life, I just hide my natural nature, the good boy who is just kind to others.

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