Thursday, 5 July 2012

Write a list: the 10 most unexpected consequences of being online.

1. An old friend who I hardly remember sent me an email.
2. The friend already knows what I do, who I love, etc.
3. At the same time I am searching the friend’ profile.
4. Shortly after we start tweeting each other.
5. But we recognise that we cannot meet - because I am pretty far from Korea.
6. One day, this friend phoned me with Skype, and said “I will go to Cape Town next week”.
7. I sent him an email with tips on how to get a cheap flight ticket, along with various information of what there is        to enjoy while in South Africa.
8. I even booked him a bungy jump in the Garden Route; it's all on online.
9. I prepared several activities for him for one week. After one week, I tweeted  “where are you now? you are still at the airport?”
10. He just said “I am at home now”.
      The conclusion?  "Sorry, I want to stay with Korea…김허세 꺼져버려! <=". That is not slang.

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