Friday, 13 July 2012

Creations Myth – big change 
(a story of Samsung)

When I was in primary school in 1993, a teacher read an article for us. The article was about Samsung. Nowadays Samsung is like a huge dinosaur, but at that time, Korea's status was as a developing country. As I remember, there were not extremes between poor and rich like a herbivore dinosaurs park.

In that article, one of the shocking lines was a slogan “Change everything without your wife and children!”, written by the CEO of Samsung. Actually, in 1992 that company already had the hugest profits ever seen in Korea. Nevertheless, I think he felt something hungry and a crisis for the future. It has been over 20 years. 

During 20 years, that company tried to adapt to the fast-paced world. The result is what we can see now.
There are so many creation myths in industries. I just choose one of them for this topic. I respect the CEO’s decision and it deserves to be benchmarked as an education - even though I don't use their products any more.

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