Saturday, 25 October 2014

Friday, 2 November 2012

Of all the forms of courage, the ability to laugh is the most …

I found a video in YouTube is completely related with this topic. I want you to watch and enjoy this video. People have courage but when people watch something unexpected,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

 The ability to laugh is the most shocking.

Squeeze out

I like this picture because it makes me motivate to my life and I think all students including me are doing like this picture. Although it is painful while squeezing out your brain, it is definitely fruitful for your life.

Sometimes, we feel like it is hard to hold doing our best. Why do we feel like that? I found some reasons about that. Some reasons come from habits and conviction, and do not even want to change anything, which means it is afraid of something new. The other reason was found when I was discharged form Korea army service, one of my senior said that “if you don’t want something, don’t do that however, if you don’t want leave something and have any regret about it, strive (struggle) with all your might until you die”. I knew such a touching story like he said, but I did not realise what he referred.

That is very important doing my best short every moment until the last moment. Now what I can do is squeezing out my brain and waiting for the sweet result.

The statute of limitations has expired on most of our childhood trauma

Ask yourself about your childhood and what news made you scare. Maybe some people say like it still works for me. The others laugh at that because it was nothing whether the trauma was impressing that period or not.

I think that the statute of limitations means limitation of something happened and if it is expired, it is gone. Namely, it is finished. However, if it is still bugging you, I would like to recommend having any religion and assurance to make you grow up.

I agree with this topic. The most important thing is belief and assurance about you. Maybe some new type of adult trauma will come to you, but it will be gone as well. Lastly someone says that destination is not waiting but selected by you.

Friday, 26 October 2012

The Rebound and Boomerang

It may sound like one of the basketball terms. In the basketball, a player is handling a ball which bounces back after striking a hard court. I like that figures because it never go away from the handler. It just work like vertical movement

While living in this world, sometimes I think what I lost and keep in my life and what I lost or forgot comes up with me like a boomerang whether it is good or bad.. Actually, I don’t care whatever good or bad. I just consider it as another an opportunity or chance to make it up.

I am happy with the rebound in my life, even though it needs to be very careful to handle it

Where I come from???
It is a kind of song for explaining Seoul subway in my home country. 
actually  I would like to recommend  this song to Ganam style. Just listen and feel this song.

I’ve been all around the world and ridden many a subway train But only one’s so near-perfect, I can hardly complain It’s not in New York, or London, or Tokyo, hardly miss them, It’s the Seoul Metropolitan Subway System! It’s really simple for people who hop in from overseas With train announcements in English, Japanese, and Chinese You swipe your card here, for instance, then you pay by the distance If you get some resistance, you can ask for assistance You got your handles, got your dangles, got your elderly seats, There’s a place for your baggage and a place for your feets Gaps are problems no more because of sliding screen doors And illuminated boards inform you moments before you board Rush hour is crush hour ’cause they pack it in tight, The trains start up at 5 am and service cuts off at midnight And the answer when you transfer and don’t wanna get it wrong Is to wait for the the song (the song, the song). Here it comes . . . Line 1 was first, so it’s a bit old and slow, But hey, it goes out to Incheon, Suwon, and Gyeonggido Line 2′s a circular path, the world’s largest on track, So you can get drunk 
Only bad things happen quickly.

When people think of this topic, people may set down it as murphy ‘law. Sometimes it is true that we cannot afford to face a series of bad things or occasions. So from time to time we collapse ourselves due to bad things. But I do not think I am.

Right! Right! Only bad things happen quickly. Maybe you think right that. So you think only good things happen slowly? I would like to say “No”. Because I think it has something to do with people’ consciousness. Maybe if someone says brand new is always good, do you agree with this? It is up to you.

I think you do not need to let stereotype things like this topic strike your brain. Bad things are just bad. Why don’t you let it go in your life and accept you saying like “Greatness is within”?