Friday, 28 September 2012

Something people unconsciously tend to do
 (based on my personal experience)

It is still difficult to explain and understand the human mind. Maybe some people who have a good knowledge about human physics or psychology (mentality) could try to say ‘I know you know or I know I know. I would like to say ‘you don’t’.

People feel happy, unhappy or sometimes uncomfortable. It is fine when they are happy, but on the other hand, when they are unhappy, it completely changes the atmosphere around them. Actually, it is fine if only two people know and share a problem because the person with the problem tends to rely on the other. Looking in the case of three or more people.

What I really want to recommend coping with such a problem is that…
Rule no.1: Do not criticise or show no interest if one of you have a problem.
Rule no.2: Do not assume “I know I know”
Rule no.3: Do not imply “I am angry or sad” (you are not a kid any more)
Rule no.4: Just think about what the other is going through and try to find a possible solution to the problem

Ps. focus on the lyrics of Michael Jackson’s song “You are not alone”. It seems you are alone, I am alone as well. People need friends, relationships with etiquettes, manners, love, faithfulness and gratefulness to each other.

My favourite Cat in the Hat book is [fill in the title]; because...

I have to say ‘I am so sorry about this topic’ before I start this topic, I have neither read this book nor shown any interest in children’s books. I will breakdown some part of this book based on some reviews.

In this book, it is important to analyse each character. We were all kids before in some point of our lives, the house is our society, parents are our social norms that sanction and control us. I have not yet understood the role of cat and hat. Do you think it means lucky or the unfortunate one?

I think that every book for children includes some lessons and guidance for their future. If you know what that means and think I am missing some information about the book, could you please let me know? 

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It just makes me laugh at the fact that I am graduating from CPUT. It seems a bit complicated to explain how I have been here and so soon. People say time flies like an arrow. Yeah, right. It is true.

Honestly speaking, all I can remember for my last three years while studying Multi-media is just driving to Bellville campus from town, staying up the whole night do assignments and catch up my colleagues. Now, I am very happy studying PR. The main problem that bothers me is understanding the language properly; However, I am improving thanks to this subject. I believe I can do what I need to and accomplish my goals at the end of this year.

It is not over until it is over; I will fasten my belt and be much eager to reach for my goals because I still have to make up for some subjects. Bye, see you later in class.

Why I have conversations?

I asked a couple of people this question before I analysed the topic. Everybody’s answer was interacting and getting good knowledge or excellent vocabulary. I am a bit different from them. My reasons for why I do have conversations are explained with these reasons.

First, it is for researching for a fast result called agreement. Conversation is not a battle. Some people fight each other on the web, which is named keyboard-warriors. It seems a knowledgeable battle but it is a waste of their time. Secondly, I have to survive in this country. No one can understand my mother tongue. When I go to shop to buy bread, groceries and provisions, I need to speak with them.

My reasons could look quite simple and monotonous, but that is true.

Monday, 24 September 2012

5 years ago and 5 years later

As everybody has plans, you have plans, and I have plans. Especially, I think CPUT 2012 PR B-tech students have an obvious and unwavering next 5 years plan.

Most of us want to become a professional called PR practitioner, so they all work hard following their plans for dream. Personally, I am also stepping for my ones. We are living today, and already got next 5 year plans. What else do we need more? Information? Research? I would like to say having a time to go back to 5 year. Did you expect your current situation 5 years ago? just think what you have been missing since that times.

According to Steve coby, a day is a miniature of lifetime. On the other hand, a thing that you do not miss anything today is to build up your life. Is it threadbare? This is world goes on.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Write your bucket list / 100 things to do before you die?

1.     I wish to live for a 100 years
2.    Have breakfast every morning
3.     Work in South Africa
4.     be focused and hardworking in a company
5.     Achieve success, have my qualifications and become a hard worker
6.     Save a reasonable amount of money, then reinvest
7.     To run my own business
8.     Get married to a gorgeous, diligent lady
9.     Having at least 5 children
10.   Giving my children and wife the best of life
11.   Living any where peaceful and enjoy quality life overseas with my family
12.   Own huge investments in real estates both in Johannesburg and Cape Town
13.   Have a good body structure with six packs
I have this in my bucket list, and I will try to execute each dream one by one by working hard toward s it

What makes you beautiful?

Could you please do me your favor? This is to get your mind focused on the topic. First of all, bring your mirror or go to bath room, and prepare a note with a pen. Now that you have everything, try to figure out yourself. What do you see when you look at yourself reflecting in a mirror?

Maybe, you might not be such a beautiful person who needs a plastic surgery, not that rich person who needs to work in a big company all your life without relaxing on weekends for 10 years. If you that kind of person who wants to buy a house, or do not have love, who has lived without friends or companions. Yet I want to say you are such a beauty. Why? This is because of who you are. Look at the sky, vegetation and the sea. They look beautiful because they have life.

I do not want to keep referring to you about this topic. All I want to say is that it is unbelievable how much we do not know about the beauty of life we have been living in the world.

My big fat BIG dream.

Ha-ha! My big dream is to become one of richest men in the world, buy luxury cars, and enjoy the rest of my life. This is the easiest way to answer this topic. It is true that everybody want to become a rich and not poor. Right! Money is important; however it is not my first priority.

I just imagine in my dream working in a company and as well running own my business; as an entrepreneur. It could be funny if I said my business could be a greater than some companies such as Google, Apple, and Samsung. Is it really funny? But, do you think those companies can be maintained forever? Just think about the last 30 years? Who has survived? The environment of war will be changed into new different ways and scopes. And I want to be at the centre of stage of the revolution. So monetary assets will come to me naturally.

This is my big dream.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Conventional is a good fallback position isn’t it?

Yes! It is. I strongly believe this statement. Nowadays, some hold good reasons about unconventional things such as high-tech, speed-up, and invisible social relationship. However, I think all of those things are derived from our traditional norms and practices. Also that is true.

Sometimes, I think we are using new technology and trying to be current in order to follow and catch up this fast paced world. Otherwise, it is very easy to be culled to others. But, we should need to stay alert about what we are trying to accept, this is fully based on human’s practice. For example, we use of e-mail, Face book or twitter to send our opinions or views. At the same time, we are still using post instead of hand writing form. Why? I want to leave the questions for you because our reasons are so different and various.

In short, I would like to ask if you do not have any form of technology, what you are going to do.  How will you keep your relationships? That is easy to find the answer. Just today, why don’t you tell your partner, family or friends “I love you”?

Conferences…in the world

Personally, I have participated in several conferences in Cape Town. Fortunately, all these conferences were related with media and the speakers were excellent. Not only the speakers but also audiences were very dedicated. But I was wondering a bit of how much I could develop myself with these conferences.

I just realised I was missing something whilst listening to the speakers. All speakers spoke professional on their area of interest and communicate or delivered their messages with ease to the people. I am not that professional yet. I felt all they presented was recent and I expected some of these presentations. They don’t know what might happen in the future. We don’t need to follow them, or focus so much in what they said. You are the one in the world. You can create own your strategy and implementation. They are just references like on our last pages in assignments.

I think we should feel that we are the last generations in this world. Each person has their own experiences and views.