Sunday, 2 September 2012

Conventional is a good fallback position isn’t it?

Yes! It is. I strongly believe this statement. Nowadays, some hold good reasons about unconventional things such as high-tech, speed-up, and invisible social relationship. However, I think all of those things are derived from our traditional norms and practices. Also that is true.

Sometimes, I think we are using new technology and trying to be current in order to follow and catch up this fast paced world. Otherwise, it is very easy to be culled to others. But, we should need to stay alert about what we are trying to accept, this is fully based on human’s practice. For example, we use of e-mail, Face book or twitter to send our opinions or views. At the same time, we are still using post instead of hand writing form. Why? I want to leave the questions for you because our reasons are so different and various.

In short, I would like to ask if you do not have any form of technology, what you are going to do.  How will you keep your relationships? That is easy to find the answer. Just today, why don’t you tell your partner, family or friends “I love you”?

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