Friday, 28 September 2012

Something people unconsciously tend to do
 (based on my personal experience)

It is still difficult to explain and understand the human mind. Maybe some people who have a good knowledge about human physics or psychology (mentality) could try to say ‘I know you know or I know I know. I would like to say ‘you don’t’.

People feel happy, unhappy or sometimes uncomfortable. It is fine when they are happy, but on the other hand, when they are unhappy, it completely changes the atmosphere around them. Actually, it is fine if only two people know and share a problem because the person with the problem tends to rely on the other. Looking in the case of three or more people.

What I really want to recommend coping with such a problem is that…
Rule no.1: Do not criticise or show no interest if one of you have a problem.
Rule no.2: Do not assume “I know I know”
Rule no.3: Do not imply “I am angry or sad” (you are not a kid any more)
Rule no.4: Just think about what the other is going through and try to find a possible solution to the problem

Ps. focus on the lyrics of Michael Jackson’s song “You are not alone”. It seems you are alone, I am alone as well. People need friends, relationships with etiquettes, manners, love, faithfulness and gratefulness to each other.

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