Saturday, 15 September 2012

Write your bucket list / 100 things to do before you die?

1.     I wish to live for a 100 years
2.    Have breakfast every morning
3.     Work in South Africa
4.     be focused and hardworking in a company
5.     Achieve success, have my qualifications and become a hard worker
6.     Save a reasonable amount of money, then reinvest
7.     To run my own business
8.     Get married to a gorgeous, diligent lady
9.     Having at least 5 children
10.   Giving my children and wife the best of life
11.   Living any where peaceful and enjoy quality life overseas with my family
12.   Own huge investments in real estates both in Johannesburg and Cape Town
13.   Have a good body structure with six packs
I have this in my bucket list, and I will try to execute each dream one by one by working hard toward s it

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