Friday, 24 February 2012

Think hard - Think, focus and concentrate on

Thinking hard is an opportunity to meet the best in myself.

One year ago, I had not deeply thought that what I am is the best I am until Nic, one of the multimedia lectures, lectured about metacognitive “thinking about what I am thinking”. After that I read a book about metacognitive. As explaining it, if you deeply think about some matters and make what you think being habit through practices, you can solve any matter or problem through thinking hard. Recently what I feel while I am reading major publications is a little bit challenging because I have not coped with such a difficult compound words before. I think it is time to change for my future and need to recall metacognitive. According to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, metacognitive is between anxiety and boredom. Although what I'm concerned about is that anxiety is bigger than boredom, it can be sorted out with thinking and thinking hard.

The FTA, Free Trade Agreement, comes into effect in Korea on 15 of March on 00:00

I expected Korea will accept the unfair agreement which Mexico, Bolivia and Chile have been suffering from their mistake about FTA. None of the countries signed on FTA have spoken that FTA is wonderful and helpful to them. Why does the Korean government accept that? Korea does not have natural resources like Gold, Diamonds or even big land. All the country has is people and small land so that it needs to import materials from others, reprocess that and ardently export products stamped “Made in Korea” in order to survive in the world. Korea’s dependence on trade is over 70% and export scale to U.S.A is between 10 and 15 percentage. It seems like “Time to accept the paper and sign up”. To prevent Korea from becoming like the above mentioned counties, there is just one way to get competitive and prepare against that. The agreement is already passed by the Korean parliament and the dice is cast to Korea.  I hope Korea will be reported as the only nation using FTA for their life and future.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Two people walk out of a building and into a story

As soon as they came out from the company building, Anderson and Steve bumped into Anderson’s son Larry. Larry was overcome with a smile to his father and showed off his exam result which was marked 90%. Anderson was so pleased that he bought them dinner at such a good restaurant. On the contrary, Steve did not get married and he is always alone. While they were having the dinner, he was jealous of the intimate father-son relationship. As being angry, he attempted to make them irritated and talked to Larry 90% is a minimum score from my opinion”. The light changed at the moment when he said it and they all left the restaurant. Afterward they never met each other again and Anderson left his company. He started to teach all of his knowledge to his son. Several years later, his son founded “Google” and Steve boomed “Apple”.

History of MMA (Mixed Martial Art)

People who like sports games are interested in its history. People search about Pankration at the origin of wrestling, people look for Murder boxing match at the origin of boxing and people who like Mixed Martial Art also explore its footprint. From now I denote the modern term MMA (for Mixed Martial Art). It is little bit difficult to find the origin of MMA because Japanese organisations such as PRIDE or Pancras, and currently the best MMA organisations, like UFC which ranks number one in the United States, have different starting points. In a nutshell, unlike boxing or wrestling, the history of MMA was differently separated between the East and West and then it has been fused with the common terminology MMA. Compared to the past Eastern MMA, the present MMA is well classified. People usually connect the history with the west’s MMA. I think the origin of MMA came from both of them but Western’s MMA is more managed in terms of players’ skill, economic benefit, star system, fan increase, marketing


The Third World?

Currently, many countries which are experiencing economic poverty are usually expressed as the word of the Third World. It seems to mean The Third World in this planet but it does not sound like good meaning. I cannot understand that words so where is the First World, Second and Third? All the countries exist on the earth. It does not make sense to bid in the country rankings. The words, The First World, The Second World, and The Third World were used by economists. The First World meant liberal democracies. The Second World meant communist countries. The Third World meant not to belong to the above two social systems. Those words however still give us an image of being divided because it is coined by Liberal democracies’ economists. The First was a country they belonged and others fell in order. As time goes by, due to the collapse of the Soviet Union, the words of The First and Second World disappeared but the word of the Third World was altered and called the poor countries.

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How hard is it to follow instructions?

Before I answer that question, I would like to ask myself “If I am following instructions, why do I follow that?” and “What do I get after done keeping the instructions?”
I want to talk about importance of goal. If something is necessarily needed to have to do or finish for your goal, do you think instructions are obstacles? Anyone could consider whether it is helpful or not.
The order is important. The results you want could be different depending on how you determine the order. It is very important how you start at the beginning. I saw some people blindly start their work and finally fail. I would suggest that get your goal, get you plan, bring your instructions.
Now, we got goal, order, instructions. What is hard and difficult?

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