Friday, 17 February 2012

Two people walk out of a building and into a story

As soon as they came out from the company building, Anderson and Steve bumped into Anderson’s son Larry. Larry was overcome with a smile to his father and showed off his exam result which was marked 90%. Anderson was so pleased that he bought them dinner at such a good restaurant. On the contrary, Steve did not get married and he is always alone. While they were having the dinner, he was jealous of the intimate father-son relationship. As being angry, he attempted to make them irritated and talked to Larry 90% is a minimum score from my opinion”. The light changed at the moment when he said it and they all left the restaurant. Afterward they never met each other again and Anderson left his company. He started to teach all of his knowledge to his son. Several years later, his son founded “Google” and Steve boomed “Apple”.


  1. Wow what an interesting read, clearly I need to do some research because I'm so uninformed.

  2. Is this a true story If it is then it is interesting to know.

  3. funny story indeed. Am sure my son can enjoy this.