Friday, 24 February 2012

Think hard - Think, focus and concentrate on

Thinking hard is an opportunity to meet the best in myself.

One year ago, I had not deeply thought that what I am is the best I am until Nic, one of the multimedia lectures, lectured about metacognitive “thinking about what I am thinking”. After that I read a book about metacognitive. As explaining it, if you deeply think about some matters and make what you think being habit through practices, you can solve any matter or problem through thinking hard. Recently what I feel while I am reading major publications is a little bit challenging because I have not coped with such a difficult compound words before. I think it is time to change for my future and need to recall metacognitive. According to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, metacognitive is between anxiety and boredom. Although what I'm concerned about is that anxiety is bigger than boredom, it can be sorted out with thinking and thinking hard.


  1. This opens a whole new way of thinking for me, its informative

  2. I was really interested in how you were coping with this issue and i'm glad to see you are motivated. The message here was very clear and understandable. I can even apply this to myself and my own situation. Well done, my man.

  3. I am not quite understanding this topic, can you elaborate?