Friday, 24 February 2012

The FTA, Free Trade Agreement, comes into effect in Korea on 15 of March on 00:00

I expected Korea will accept the unfair agreement which Mexico, Bolivia and Chile have been suffering from their mistake about FTA. None of the countries signed on FTA have spoken that FTA is wonderful and helpful to them. Why does the Korean government accept that? Korea does not have natural resources like Gold, Diamonds or even big land. All the country has is people and small land so that it needs to import materials from others, reprocess that and ardently export products stamped “Made in Korea” in order to survive in the world. Korea’s dependence on trade is over 70% and export scale to U.S.A is between 10 and 15 percentage. It seems like “Time to accept the paper and sign up”. To prevent Korea from becoming like the above mentioned counties, there is just one way to get competitive and prepare against that. The agreement is already passed by the Korean parliament and the dice is cast to Korea.  I hope Korea will be reported as the only nation using FTA for their life and future.

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