Friday, 17 February 2012

The Third World?

Currently, many countries which are experiencing economic poverty are usually expressed as the word of the Third World. It seems to mean The Third World in this planet but it does not sound like good meaning. I cannot understand that words so where is the First World, Second and Third? All the countries exist on the earth. It does not make sense to bid in the country rankings. The words, The First World, The Second World, and The Third World were used by economists. The First World meant liberal democracies. The Second World meant communist countries. The Third World meant not to belong to the above two social systems. Those words however still give us an image of being divided because it is coined by Liberal democracies’ economists. The First was a country they belonged and others fell in order. As time goes by, due to the collapse of the Soviet Union, the words of The First and Second World disappeared but the word of the Third World was altered and called the poor countries.

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  1. Now this is an interesting topic, again what I would like to know is how long will these countries continue to be third world countries.