Friday, 17 February 2012

History of MMA (Mixed Martial Art)

People who like sports games are interested in its history. People search about Pankration at the origin of wrestling, people look for Murder boxing match at the origin of boxing and people who like Mixed Martial Art also explore its footprint. From now I denote the modern term MMA (for Mixed Martial Art). It is little bit difficult to find the origin of MMA because Japanese organisations such as PRIDE or Pancras, and currently the best MMA organisations, like UFC which ranks number one in the United States, have different starting points. In a nutshell, unlike boxing or wrestling, the history of MMA was differently separated between the East and West and then it has been fused with the common terminology MMA. Compared to the past Eastern MMA, the present MMA is well classified. People usually connect the history with the west’s MMA. I think the origin of MMA came from both of them but Western’s MMA is more managed in terms of players’ skill, economic benefit, star system, fan increase, marketing


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  1. Wow what a learning curve to me it was just another sport I wasn't even aware of its history, well researched topic.