Friday, 2 November 2012

Squeeze out

I like this picture because it makes me motivate to my life and I think all students including me are doing like this picture. Although it is painful while squeezing out your brain, it is definitely fruitful for your life.

Sometimes, we feel like it is hard to hold doing our best. Why do we feel like that? I found some reasons about that. Some reasons come from habits and conviction, and do not even want to change anything, which means it is afraid of something new. The other reason was found when I was discharged form Korea army service, one of my senior said that “if you don’t want something, don’t do that however, if you don’t want leave something and have any regret about it, strive (struggle) with all your might until you die”. I knew such a touching story like he said, but I did not realise what he referred.

That is very important doing my best short every moment until the last moment. Now what I can do is squeezing out my brain and waiting for the sweet result.

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