Friday, 13 July 2012

My thoughts about PR practitioners

It is still difficult for me to study Public Relations Management because I studied Multi-media for 3 years and now I cannot stop reading PR books. While studying PR, what I learnt so far is communication activity through relationships with corporates, organisations, and governments. I thought that I embodied some of the necessary abilities and qualifications to become PR practitioner.

First, one needs the  ability to communicate. As I stated above, PR is communication activity. It demands appealling to people while communicating with people.  It also requires problem-solving skills which can be analysed, assessed and measured. Then, the most important one, English!

Second, knowledge of the whole social networks and subsequent needs. It can be sorted out by reading books and newspapers; but it is not easy to mix them because of  advertising, I just need to read current trends, but PR practitioners need to communicate with various people, which means that I demand to read more books.

Third, it is about passion. It could be a monotonous word. But if someone sees me, I should look like a passionate boy. Because of my PR, which appeals to clients, I get a chance.
In short, there are still many abilities which I should equip for my own PR. I think it is organised by three of them so far; and I feel the need to focus on my SNS. Thanks.

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