Friday, 20 July 2012

God knows

Before I begin with this topic, I notice that it is not related to any specific religions.

Did you expect to be where you are now, or do what you do now, 10 years ago? Maybe some of us had plans and are maintaining these plans. But life is not fair - as you well know by now. Only God knows; which means no one knows.

I sometimes think of my past 4 years living in Cape Town. There were happy and funny occasions; and quite frustrated ones. Most of things that I remember at the moment are (alas) the latter - because living in a foreign country is not easy. Whenever I had problems, such as school work or private things, I deeply contemplated going back to my home country; also, people I knew and spoke to recommended that too. But, as I was bearing the difficult times, I realised, “No one knows”. No one expected me to be where I am now; studying what I'm studying..

In conclusion, life is a long run. No one knows or can predict where you are, what you do, and how you will be changed in the future, so, only God knows that.

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