Friday, 13 July 2012

Out of the cradle

How long have you been out of the cradle? I think most of you answer that you are between 22 and 40 years.  It could be true that if you say any digits, they will be your ages. But I would like to talk about some frame and picture that you drew in the past for the future.

The meaning of a cradle is that it was your first peaceful shelter and protection frame. And you did not need to worry about anything while staying there. Just one day, you realised that no one protects you from what you never wanted, so then you created your own membrane named 'dream' to survive in the world. So far that is what you are. I sometime close my eyes, recall my dream, and think how long I have been away from my cradle.

I think the cradle is not proportional to our ages. Today, I deeply think of my cradle and want to say, “Thank you so much that I can see the sunshine today too".

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