Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Time never waits for you.

I like to listen to music, especially old pop songs such as the Beatles’ classy songs, Queens’ rock numbers, or The Rolling Stones’ active rockn’roll. While listening to them, I enjoy both the melodies and the lyrics. But one song catches my mind. That is “Yesterday”.

That song is very famous to people, and has beautiful melodies and emotional lyrics. And I think everybody loves that song. But what I see in the song is that it is just about the obsessions of the past. The contents of that song are saying that the days spent with a loved one are so beautiful that I cannot lose sight of those days with 'you'. Even though there is no word of “IF” in past history, what if the songwriter changes the lyrics into a future-oriented tune? Then I would love that song much more.

In short, time never waits for us. So I do what I have to do now in order to prevent me from regretting and lamenting my springtime of golden life in the future.

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