Thursday, 5 July 2012

If I have wings

Sometimes I imagine that I have wings on my back and on my career.. As I stated in my profile, I have come from Korea and studied Multi-media. The wings that I think of are to take me to and from Korea, and to equip my career..
It may be an awesome idea to have wings on everyone. Isn’t it? You can go anywhere you want; such as Latin America, Eastern Asia, or European countries. Currently, it is up to you (if you have money) to buy air tickets (which would obviously be replaced by physical wings).

But the wings on our careers are different from the wings we'd have on our backs. Those wings will not only take us anywhere we want, but also, any dream wouild come true. I do not want to explain anymore because you guys already know what I'm on about.. Am I right or what?
So I'll ask:
What are you doing now for your wings? Do you have a plan? Can you do that? Go ahead! Right now…….and if I had real physical wings, right now, I'd fly straight to Korea to shut my 'friend's mouth..

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