Friday, 13 July 2012

What is your greatest skill?

Everybody has their own greatest skill. Some of us got physical skill such as being a natural marathon runner, boxer, or being a musician. And others got corporate skill or major self-drive. But I do not think I have such a remarkable visible skill; I have survival skill like a chameleon ; I fit in anywhere.

As you know, most of Korean men must go the army for two years and two months. One of the things that I remember while doing my service was digging out ground and sleeping in -21 degrees for two weeks. Even though I could only sleep for 2 hours a day, it did something good for me because know I know and believe I can be strong through any army's service. Not only the army service was hard for me. My volunteering in Zimbabwe for a year was tough too. I think I had a steel mind through volunteer life - living without electricity and water, and no radio travel.

In conclusion if someone asks me do that again, I'll respectfully say “No thanks”, because I already did it and I consider those times to have made me strong enough already.

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