Friday, 9 March 2012

Fish falling from the sky.

By default, I want to ask you, “Have you ever seen fish falling from the sky?”. Because I have not even seen that strange phenomenon; but it does not matter whether you answer yes or no, because we are already living in the quaint world where many fish are falling from the sky.

By just 20 years ago, we, normal people, did not think, expect or imagine the hand-held computers like a smart phone. It was just our hope or imagination that we watched on TV.
Fish falling from the sky is not bizarre phenomenon. We created social and ecological environment for the fish with creation of the internet. Now are you still just watching the fish from sky? I would say you could see fire-breathing fish like dragons later in the future.


  1. Indeed we have come from an a stone age to a technological age that we never thought we will see, so we will wait maybe in South Afica we will see fish falling from the sky.

    1. NO~ we are not waiting for fish but fire-breathing fish.^^;
      it will be bigger than fish and available for everybody in South Africa.

  2. mmm I like your take on this topic. I've never thought of it from this point of view. I'm not sure SA will see fire breathing fish or dragons anytime soon, but somewhere in the world someone must have seen something