Friday, 23 March 2012

I am selling my daughter for 100 won
                                                                            100 won is equal to 65 cents (ZAR) 


I am still hesitating whether I post this topic or not because this topic is non-fiction and true story. Actually, I was not interested on North Korea. For me, it was just my enemy and another country but Now, I seriously hate North Korea communism and the Kim family..
When I read the poem, I poured tears under my eyes. I could see the motherhood that had to sell her daughter to save her daughter. After selling her daughter, she came back to her daughter again, with that money put bread on daughter’s mouth and apologised her daughter.
She did not intend to save money in her family but she could not see her daughter starving and dying at home. Who can completely understand the motherhood’s hope which had to find ways to save her daughter?
I hope you see the original poem once you read this post.

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