Friday, 16 March 2012

People who turned their back

If someone turns back on you, what do think or feel seeing their back? I think there are only two ways of thinking or feeling, and we can only select one of these.
First, you have a chance to console and hug someone from the back, which means the joy for the opportunity that you can embrace and share something. That just comes from a positive way.
Second, watching someone turning their back on you, you just feel sad or lonely. Which means someone is going far from you and never comes back again. That is a negative way. I would recommend “be cool”
Living in the world, we just have two ways at any moment which should be chosen by you and we only get one choice.

How do you feel about that? It is up to you. Positive? or Nagative? 


  1. I suppose it depends on WHO is turning their back on you. IF it were my wife I would be shattered and wish to reconcile BUT if it were a stranger I would not be to perturbed but would try and make things right.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I also think it depends on who reads this article. and Could you please upload your profile picture?