Friday, 16 March 2012

We are afraid of the wrong things.

Before I discuss about the topic, I would like to ask you “Do you know the difference between wrong and different things. The meaning of word “wrong” from a dictionary means that it is deviating from truth or fact like “You cannot play the basketball because you are short” that sounds very ridiculous. No one knows you are good at that or not. The meaning of word “different” is defined by “not alike in character or quality” like there are different questions or answers which always include plural and imply varieties.

Cape Town has Multi-Culture in terms of its languages, races and people. I have met lot of people for four years. There were straight and homosexual people among them. Actually I had prejudices about homosexuals, but I realised that they are not wrong but just different while being familiar with them. They just got different preference to not like wrong one. I was full of prejudices against them and all I did was just judging before I met them. That is wrong thing. Prejudices always bear wrong judgements.
As I am one of the straight people, I am concerned about their saying “We are afraid of the wrong things”.

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