Sunday, 3 June 2012

The way to do the best

Whenever I start work, I always try to organise my surroundings in order to concentrate on my work. It is just a 'quick clean-up'. But I sometimes feel like I do not dedicate 100% to my work while working. What makes me do the best? What I realise about this question is within me while reading a Korean article.

Some of the monks in Korea go and change 16 times a day. Whenever they start new work or meet new people, they dress up in an entirely new outfit. It is not for their external neatness or magnificence, but to align their attitudes in order for their work to be the best.

Even though I am not a Buddhist, I respect their posture and position as humanly - especially in terms of their attitude toward work. Actually, I accept their attitude because I feel that I could learn from them to, somehow, fully dedicate myself to my work.

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