Thursday, 21 June 2012

The elephant in the room
I think everybody has at least one ugly truth that sometimes creates discomfort in our society.  People who ignore the elephant in the room try to avoid the issue (or problem) relating to them.  They neglect issues rather than solve the problem.

When people consider something to be a sensitive issue, most of them do not try to discuss it.  Instead, they blatantly avoid the topic.  Now, I will not give an example because, as I have stated above, everybody has an elephant in their community - including me.  I know that it is not a good idea as it only aids the growth of problems, but I do not blow issues wide open because, if I did, it would be an irretrievable event - equal to the crossing of the river Rubicon!

Do you think my opinion is that of a chicken? Or do you do this yourself?  We already belong to communities and organisations;  that is our acceptance and consent to silence our qualms.  Well, that's what I think.

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