Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Getting to know the basics.

Sometimes I am stuck with problems. It could be my school work, my poopy laptop or private life. So I talk to people and discuss these problems. While I chatted with them, I found something in their conversation.

What I found is that ideas only come from people who have ideas. It is like “the rich can grow richer” in terms of wisdom and enlightenment. People who have many ideas consistently suggest things like they are artificial fountains. In contrast, others look stagnated. It is quite amazing because I think that the former are not necessarily more learned or better educated than the latter. What I realised is that they cling to the basics as the basic, essence, and background of any issue.

Which brings me to my conclusion: I learnt from them how to look at issues, how to access them, and how to sort them out.

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