Sunday, 29 April 2012

I think people know boxing, kick-boxing and grappling (wrestling), but some of them do not know about MMA. It is Mixed Martial Art, which means mixing everything.

I started MMA in 2009 when I was in my first year. Before I began MMA, I thought it was just an exercise because I had experienced several martial arts in Korea. However, it kindly made me change my mind through hard work. Even though it was a very hard workout, I fully enjoyed that because I could show what I got as I practiced (like studying) when I got to sparing with someone. If you watch MMA, it could look like a street fight. But, it includes boxing, kickboxing and grappling skills, which means it is very complicated and sophisticated. To reiterate my point, it demands every skill.

While working out at my MMA club, I sometimes think of words such as convergence, evolution and change - all used in current technology. It has changed from thick boxing gloves to open finger gloves, needs more speed and demands various skills.

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