Wednesday, 9 May 2012

It is better to practice a little than talk a lot.

Which kind of life do I live? I am thinking of that question whether I am a practicing person or talking person. I think people who I respect or envy live as they think and practice. The other hand, I think I have lived as just thinking and talking person.

Thing that I live as I am thinking! That is something to execute or practice. For example, if I need to be dieted for healthy, it will be such a practicing way to plan a controlled diet and exercising regularly, and it will be a talking way to think of eating and drinking at restaurants or pubs. It is very clear that the former is more likely to succeed on a diet than the latter.

Come to think of the last three years, I think I have been lazy, because I was always thinking of what I have to do after school but I just put it off and changed into the last packer. I know that it is much more difficult to practice and execute than think and talk. So I envy those people and I feel getting smaller.

However, if I see myself from point of view by those people who I respect, I think I can undergo stimulate that I will do more practice.

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