Sunday, 21 October 2012

Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aids

I totally agree with this topic, also want to add my own statements about this. When it comes to being bold, people have their own ideas and perceptions. However, my ideas about it could be little bit a different form others

 To be bold, what do we really need? The first one is an evident goal, and the second is execution as you know. We know the very formal process like that. But my idea is “ignorance” about your plan. What I mean is you don’t need to know difficulties which you worry during the process. There is a very popular saying in Korea. “If you are ignorant, you are brave and if you are brave, you can get it”. My point of this topic is based on this statement.

There has been old popular saying in the world; heaven helps those who help themselves. Now it is time to say “Good bye” “to being afraid”

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